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Ruth Dickson’s Story: A story of survival by grace alone.

“One of the first things the Lord began to deal with in my life when my ex husband abandoned me, was to let go of the past.“


I was a married woman with two children. I lived a life of self-indulgence and leisure. I thought I had married a Christian, but his actions spoke otherwise. The man I married secretly left our matrimonial home to start a new life, in another country. It’s only when I started to process my divorce papers, years after he had left, that I discovered I was already divorced. My ex- husband had already divorced me, behind my back and re-married another woman in another country. 

His departure was like a sudden bereavement. It was cold and cruel. He abandoned me, our children, a six and a three year old at the time. He abandoned me to pursue his desires and dreams  in another country. He left us all rejected and confused. Even though he left, the responsibility of raising our children and paying the bills did not end. This continued. The bills kept coming.  I found myself never getting out of debt, always in want financially, and barely able to make ends meet. 

One of the first things the Lord began to deal with in my life when my ex husband abandoned me, was letting go of the past. God led me to the “Book of Ruth” and I stayed in there, digesting it diligently, for six months, studying and gaining understanding. Even, when our house was being repossessed, the Lord asked me to focus on His Word. I got the revelation about letting go of the past and moving forward from Ruth in the Bible. 

Through a long and lengthy process, I learnt to let go of my past, to find and embrace my new identity in Christ. God took me through a journey to purge me of my old self and transform me into who I am today, in Christ. I had gone into a marriage based on deception and God told me, with all clarity, I was to let go of the marriage, the falsehood and forget the past. 

God nurtured and brought out the writing gift in me. when my ex husband left, I achieved what I could never have on my own. God made me confident. I have written several books and visited several countries on mission for Christ. I have also learnt to blog over the years. My blogs are not only in English, but other languages. I have learnt what only God could have taught me. 

God also gave me the wisdom to have my books translated into several languages, enabling me to speak, through my books, to many, all over the world. 

Currently, I have requests for my books from as far as Myanmar. I have also had requests from Hong-Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, North India, Canada, USA, Philippines, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi, France,  Ireland, Wales, and here at home, England.

Through my ministry of books, I reach the wounded, broken and hurting, including those who have been bruised and broken in places they expected to find God’s warm embrace: the Church.  My books, especially the Bible Daily Devotional, help many who feel they are misfits and are not welcome in “Church.“

Now I reach out and encourage both men and women  who have faced rejection and very humiliating circumstances. I encourage them with God’s Word, reminding them to endure and persevere in their faith.

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Oil for the Journey encourages  you to read your Bible daily. Encouraging you in your spiritual life and walk with Jesus.

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