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Ruth Dickson’s Story: A story of survival by grace alone.

“God’s Love is unconditional. His plans and purposes for your life are not dependent on your circumstances or abilities.”  - Ruth Dickson.

At a time when all seemed lost, God enabled me, a broken woman, to produce reading books for children who had none. 

The ability to give is a free gift from God. Gihon Publishing gives freely: Daily Devotionals, Spritual books and daily encouragement to those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. 

Gihon Publishing represents the “Bread of Life” to all who are hungry, free of charge. 

Gihon Publishing provides Free downloads where ever you are, in a language you can read and understand. 


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Have you ever heard a child say, ” What is Easter?” This is a question that you may never hear outside of Church circles. This is because the commercial companies have taken over the true meaning of Easter, or should we say, Resurrection Sunday, and transformed it into an annual money making machine.

Chocolates, Easter Eggs, Bunny Rabbits and a host of other Items are what represent Easter for some. Many Churches have Easter Egg hunts, the presentation of flowers and other activities for fun during the Easter period. Thankfully most Churches  never leave out the true message of the eternal sacrifice of the Son of God, and what it really means to them. It is a terrible shame where this is not the case…Christ’s death and resurrection is the most important event on the Christian calendar.

Today, every one who believes in Christ, has hope because of Christ’s shed blood on the Cross. Their hope and expectation goes beyond a wooden cross or any outward symbols which commemorate Christ’s death.

God has given us an eternal gift in His Son Jesus Christ. A gift is something that is given freely. It no longer becomes a gift if you have to earn or pay for it.

Everyone stands condemned before God without the shed blood of Christ. It is a just condemnation, because of Adam’s sin. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Therefore, no one can approach God with their own merits, good works, good behavior or any form of self- righteousness. The pardon for sin cannot be earned.

It is through the cleansing power of the blood that a person stands justified before God. Christ’s blood is redemptive in that it redeems that which was condemned for death. There is pardon for sin in the blood of Jesus.

Those who have come to the saving knowledge of Christ have been saved by grace. The story of Christ’s death and resurrection is simple, but the work Christ did on the Cross is immensely great.

Salvation is a free gift and it is a gift to be celebrated every day and not just on Resurrection Sunday. Christ’s death means more than a once a year celebration.

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, let us think deeply about the true meaning of what Christ has done. He is the Saviour of the soul, He has cleansed the sin of His people.

“By His sacrifice on the Cross He has made perfect forever those who are being sanctified and those whom the father has given Him.” (Hebrews 10: 10-14).

He became a curse for us.

“But he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought our peace was on him; and by his wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5).

Share Christ’s story with the young people around you. Tell them about this wonderful gift God has given in His Son (1John 5:11). Let them know that whoever believes in Jesus Christ, will not perish, but have eternal life.

© Ruth DicksonUK
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